Great Speech by First Lady, But….

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In a speech that CNN recently aired, First Lady Michelle Obama talks about how, as a mother, she found it challenging to feed her family nutritious foods.  In response, James R. Lyons, M.D. — author of the new book, “The Brown Fat Revolution” — says that he was delighted with Obama’s speech, but he had some advice to offer her and to other mothers.

Dr. Lyons reminds us that Michelle Obama speaks from the perspective of a mother’s responsibility. She understands what it’s like to have too little time to feed her children (and herself) the nutritious foods they need.

Yet, with the right planning, it really doesn’t take a whole lot more time to feed a family well than it takes to wait in line at the drive-through, according to Dr. Lyons. The empty refrigerator is the problem. Natural, good food must be in the home in order to prepare your own healthful “fast food.” If mothers would put aside two hours — during a weekend, say, or after work — then they can make a trip to the supermarket and stock up on everything they’ll need for the week’s meals. They can even take their children along to help choose the foods, within guidelines that the mother sets.

Children can also help their mothers cook all, or parts, of meals ahead of time. And mothers also can cook double-portions — some for tonight, and the rest for another night.

“It’s easy to see why fast food appeals to a busy mother like Michelle Obama.,” concludes Dr. Lyons. “But, with some planning and creativity, ‘fast food’ can become meals that you want your family to eat.  Even your pediatrician will be pleased.

Body and Soul

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I recently picked up an issue of Body and Soul, a Martha Stewart Publication, and was thrilled to see Martha adding her genius to the quest for women to feel and be their best at all ages.  Awesome!!

Love it when Martha says, “I don’t diet.”   I agree that eating all natural foods in a balanced way is the answer to weight control and the restoration of the body at every tissue level.

Fat is not the enemy!  Diets are the enemy!  Martha understands this, and Body and Soul proves that she’s spreading the message as only she can.

I strongly urge every woman, of every age, to read Body and Soul and tune into Martha Stewart’s message about health and nutrition. She’s a voice of reason in the celebrity world, as I like to think I’m a voice of reason in the medical world.

Together, I think we can help women everywhere who are in search of optimal health and a more youthful appearance. Martha Stewart and The Brown Fat Revolution. What a team!

Michelle Obama….First Lady Fitness

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This morning,  NBC’s “Today Show” reported that Michelle Obama is taking on fitness as one of her platforms as First Lady.  Bravo!  What a wonderful example Michelle Obama is setting for the women of America and the world.

I do not know Michelle Obama personally.  But, on camera, she exudes positive energy, intelligence,  and self- confidence in a very attractive feminine way.  And I mean “feminine “”is an extremely complimentary way!

Women are working out like crazy and dieting until they are unhealthy. They’re trying to banish fat when, in fact, they should learn that fat is necessary to looking young, countered, sexy, and womanly — the way that our First Lady does!

Michelle Obama (unlike Madonna) has learned to focus on eating healthfully, and it’s obvious that’s found something physical to do that she loves — something that connects her brain to her muscles  and helps her feel centered and in the moment.

She stands as a great example to all women as a paradigm of beauty and attractiveness and, hopefully, she’ll help banish this notion that “thin is it.” I am personally ecstatic to hear that she is adding fitness to her platform.