April 2010 and Gym still Full!!

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A new year, 2010. I am convinced that working out has become a lifestyle and not a January resolution. This is the first year that I have noticed that the Jan crowd is till vying for machines and it is almost May 1st! Maybe we are finally realizing that balance and slow steady steps (the long range approach) are better than dramatic commitments (quick fix approach). Dieting is the same and it is my hope that the 2010 gym “hang-ons” are eating as they are exercising: slowly, steadily, intelligently, and effectively. Once you have these two in step, the sky is the limit on how much weight you lose and how youthfully sexy you can make your body.

Latest Biggest Loser’s Mom

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I was very impressed this morning when I saw the mother of the most recent contestant to be voted off of The Biggest Loser. The Mom was more impressive than the contestant! and she had no drama!! She said she “did it all at home.” She realized that she had an excuse for everything connected to working out but once she decided to do it at home, there was no room for excuses. She lost over 89 pounds! Looks sexy and young and should be commended for her ability to take her quest inside herself, come up with a personal and private solution and Just Do It (My favorite statement from Nike). Much more impressive than needing to be on TV with all of the drama and secondary gain. Go Mom! Well done.

People ask me what I eat to maintain consistently low body fat. I refer them to The Brown Fat Revolution diet section. I have been eating according to this plan for 9 years and my total body fat varies from 7 to 9 percent. For me, it is not about cardio but diet. ABS are made in the kitchen!