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Many of you have been asking for shopping lists. And rightly so! My eating plan is, of course, outlined in the book, including recipes, portion sizes and when to eat throughout the day — but how can you utilize this information when you find yourself pushing an empty cart down the grocery aisle? Good question! In the coming weeks, I’ll be composing Shopping Lists that will help make your visits to the market quick and easy. Let’s start with the basics! For many of my recipes, you will need fresh meat, fish and produce. It is best to purchase those items on a weekly basis. Certain other items, though, you can keep for long periods of time. I recommend stocking your kitchen with these non-perishable basics so that you have them at your fingertips whenever you are whipping up your daily meals.

The first step? Create space. Clear your kitchen of anything that is not on the Brown Fat Revolution eating plan. This includes (but is not limited to):
-white carbs (Wonder bread, white pasta)
-potato chips
-packaged cakes
-salty peanuts (or mixed nuts), candied nuts
-high-sugar cereals and fatty granola
-sugary yogurts (or frozen yogurt)
-ice cream
-sugary alcohols, beer and margarita mix, etc.
-pre-made dinners (like the Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice in your freezer aisle)
-honey, maple syrup
-heavy cream
-bars (Balance bars, Nutri Grain bars, granola bars, candy bars)
-canned fruit, dried fruit, pre-packaged trail mix

If it is in the cabinet or the fridge, it is a temptation! We can’t expect ourselves to resist that sort of temptation. If you share your home with others (kids, significant others), feel free to separate food items. Let them keep their food in a separate space, and procure your own space — a place where you will keep ONLY HEALTHY FOODS. Your willpower will get an automatic boost — this is half the battle!

NOW that you have space, fill it with all things GOOD. “The Basics” include:
-all-fruit, sugar-free jam
-almond butter or natural, unsweetened peanut butter (smooth or chunky)
-apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and red wine vinegar
-brown rice
-chunky, unsweetened applesauce
-coffee and/or tea
-Dijon mustard
-extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, and sunflower oil
-grated parmesan
-low-fat, sugar-free granola
-nuts: raw almonds (I also love the 50% salted almonds at Trader Joe’s), raw pistachios, raw pecans, raw walnuts, slivered almonds for garnish
-oat bran, unsweetened multigrain cereal, original Cream of Wheat, unsweetened oatmeal
-soy milk or almond milk (unsweetened varieties)
-sugar-free tomato sauce, and sugar-free marinara sauce
-supplements (only if you want): Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Biotin, Chromium, L-glutamine, Fish oil
-stewed tomatoes
-tuna (canned, in water)
-whole wheat crackers
-whole wheat, high fiber tortillas
-whole wheat pasta

You are now ready to stock your new and improved kitchen! Once you have these basics in place, adding the elements to make the recipes will be easy.

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    If you have any created new recipes for the Brown Fat Revoluation

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