Thanksgiving Traditions


I remember Thanksgiving, 15 years  ago as a pivotal holiday in the usual conflict of how to handle food when you are trying to lose weight.   I was eating very cleanly to lose fat and gain muscle:  small portions, multiple well-spaced  meals  which were  high in protein and low in carbs, no sugar, no desserts, and no alcohol.  I had been on this regimen for about 3 months.   On that Thanksgiving Day, I thought, “Make it your ‘cheat day.” Turkey, stuffing, white potatoes smothered in gravy, sweet potatoes, turnips, cranberry sauce, string beans, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and mince pie filled my plate as it had on every Thanksgiving.  About 2 hours after my meal, I had abdominal cramps, felt dizzy, cold sweats… like I had been poisoned.  Actually, I had poisoned myself by the volume of fatty food and sugar . I did not realize that  my body was in a delicate nutritional balance after  only  3 months of eating healthfully.  The large volume of carbs and sugar cause a monumental insulin spike which precipitated a rebound hypoglycemia which occasioned my symptoms. That said, Thanksgiving is defined by food, tradition and family. This is not the day to deprive yourself.  My advice for all of you who are on the Brown Fat Diet or eating well:  enjoy the holiday.  But take care to go slowly and eat small portions.

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