Brown fat in the news


Brown fat is becoming a hot topic in the news. Check out these articles:

“Brown Fat, Triggered by Cold or Exercise, May Yield a Key to Weight Control.” The New York Times, 01/24/12 Read

“Brown Fat Furnishes Physiological Furnace.” Scientific American (podcast), 1/25/12  Read/Listen

“How Now, Brown Fat? Scientist Are Onto a New Way to Lose Weight.” TIME, 01/26/12  Read

“Brown Fat – Keeps You Warm And Keeps You Slim.” Medical News Today, 01/25/12 Read

“Brown fat could explain why some stay toasty in the cold.” CTV Edmonton, 01/24/12  Read

“Swimming with Brown Fat,” SwimmingWorld, 01/25/12 Read

“How does brown fat differ from the other fat in your body?  ShareCare, answered by Dr. Michael Roizen  Read 

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