Juicing: An Anti-Aging Secret


There has been recent buzz about juicing in the nutrition/diet world.   As with all trends, the commercial explosion of bottled or canned juice is now “it” and more juices are appearing on the shelves labeled with all the buzzwords.    Fruits and vegetables are the cornerstone of The Brown Fat Revolution eating program and as the author, I highly encourage this commercial focus on vegetables and fruits.    Music to my ears!   However, if given the choice between commercial or fresh juice, I strongly recommend that you choose the latter.  Forget the bottled stuff.

Freshly prepared vegetable and fruit juice is resplendent in healthy Phytochemicals:  anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins.  Commercial juice is pasteurized, filled with sodium (some are low sodium) and sugar (high glycemic index fruits).  Get a juicer!  It’s so easy, quick, health-producing and inexpensive to buy fresh veggies and fruit.

From the earth or the tree/vine to your body…directly….without processing, without man adding stuff….Wow!  Fresh juicing provides the ultimate in quality nutrition and your body will show it!  It’s an anti-aging secret to the nth degree; your tissues will be toned, rejuvenated and your fat will move in the brown, young direction.

About 60 years ago, the man whom I consider the father of the “exercise/nutrition culture,” Jack LaLanne, is reported to have said, “If it is made by man, do not eat it!”  He was spot on then as he is today, a genius in understanding how to live a long life and look great at the same time.    Thank you, Mr.LaLanne, for your amazing foresight.

He popularized a “juicer” for vegetables and fruits years ago and his brand stands as the gold standard today.   I have one at home and one in the office.   If you make juicing available and easy, you will have no problem getting those veggies in each day.

Go online and get a juicer.   Then, do me a favor and go to the organic market, buy leafy green and colorful vegetables and your favorite fruits and put together your own, personalized juices.  You will see the difference in clearer skin, a higher energy level, a flatter abdomen, and an improvement in your overall sense of well-being.

Juicing embraces the basic concept behind the The Brown Fat Revolution:  a revolution  to make the quality of food as important as the quantity.  High quality nutrition builds high quality tissues, which make for a healthier and younger looking you.

Fresh veggie or fruit juice will be a daily treat for you and your body!   Go for it!

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